1. growl, gnarl, gnar, bark; menace, threaten.
2. snap at, lash out at, loose one's temper, Inf. fly off the handle, Inf. flare up, bite [s.o.'s] head off.
3. growl, bark.
1. tangle, knot, snag, jam; kink, twist, coil; network, web, webwork; wilderness, jungle, labyrinth, maze.
2. entanglement, complication, problem, perplexity, puzzle, Gordian knot; hitch, snag, catch; complexity, intricacy, difficulty, involvement, imbroglio; predicament, fix, Inf. pickle, tight spot, plight, quandary, dilemma; trouble, muddle, mix up, Sl. snafu, Sl. foul-up, Inf. mess, Inf. a heap of trouble; obstruction, obstacle, quagmire, quicksand.
3. tangle, entangle, ravel, knot, jam; kink, twist, coil, interweave, interlace.
4.Often snarl up
confuse, scramble, mix up, disorder, dishevel, tousle, jumble, muddle, fuddle, Sl. muzz, Sl. ball up; complicate, make difficult, make obscure; perplex, bewilder, baffle, nonplus, puzzle, mystify.

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